Wildflower Free March 30th-April 1st At Amazon

I don’t know why it took me so long to do the KDP Select program from Amazon. I don’t know what I was afraid of. I had really good success with The Bracelet and with Remember The Eyes, so I’ve decided to put Wildflower up for it’s free promo on the weekend.

What was nice about doing the free promo’s, it helped with getting the other books out there that were otherwise at the bottom of the pile. Remember The Eyes is the first book of three. The free promo gave the buyers of the free book, a chance to get the other two books that go with that one. Up until the free promo, those other books were practically non-existent.

Another nice thing is the lending program. If you are a Prime Member at Amazon, you have the chance to “borrow” a book for a month. Consider becoming a Prime Member to get your free copies of books that you would otherwise have to buy.

Wildflower will be free Friday, March 30th until Sunday, April 1st…and that’s no April Fools.

Enjoy an excerpt from the novel.



I parked my bike as close as I could, carrying my helmet in my hand. When my buddy Tanner saw me, he waved me in. No need to check his clipboard. Sean, Matt and I were always on the list.

Tanner was a guy who frequented the gym so we gave him a discount on his membership in return for entry into the bar whenever we wanted it. It usually pissed everyone off that was in the line up, but he didn’t mind, and neither did we. Of course, it would help if I genuinely wanted to be here tonight.

Inside, I put my helmet behind the bar and ordered a beer from Bob the bartender. I paid him, and he took my money. “Change?” he said, holding up the five dollar bill.

I shook my head, then scanned the room for Sean. I found him standing by a waist high table overlooking the dance floor.

“Hey,” he said, “Nice of you to join us!”

“Yeah, well, I don’t plan on staying that long.” The music was so loud tonight that I could feel every vibration in my chest. I’m sure a headache wouldn’t be long in coming.

“You opening tomorrow for me?” He was still trying to weasel out of opening. Even though months ago, I’d made him open three weekends in a row, he still didn’t get it. Again, I made him open for another three weeks. Maybe this time he would learn his lesson.

“No!” I said, crinkling my brow. “I said you have to open three weekends in a row, and I meant three weekends. You’d think after the first time, you would have learned your lesson.”

“It’s not fair.” If he’d been a child, I’m sure his lip would have been stuck out in a pout and his arms folded against his chest.

“No, what’s not fair is you taking advantage of my niceness all the time.”

He burst out laughing. “Niceness, my ass! What you are is ruthless!”

Pointing my finger at him, I stated, “And, don’t you forget it!” I finally smiled in response to his attempt.

Matt came up behind us and draped his arms over our shoulders. He pointed to three girls that were sitting on the other side of the DJ booth. He thought we might be able to score with them. There were two blondes and a brunette, nursing drinks and smoking cigarettes. I didn’t think any of them looked attractive.

Sean turned up his nose at the girls, and I really wasn’t up to ‘scoring’ tonight. Not with them, anyway. They looked a little too loose for my style. Sean reiterated what I was thinking out loud. “They look skanky. I don’t want skanky and sleazy. I want clean and easy.” He smiled wryly when he said that.

Oh God. I couldn’t believe that he just said that. He was pathetic, and I marvelled that he could get any woman at all into bed with him for even one night when he said shit like that.

In my boredom, I let my eyes wander over towards the bar, wondering if I could sneak away from these two assholes. Closer to the bar meant I’d be closer to the door.

I saw a woman sitting at the bar with long blonde wavy hair. She was sitting there easily, her legs crossed as she sat on the bar stool, her back to the dance floor. She was chatting with the bartender. From the back, it looked like the woman from the gym. Was it her?

I saw her one more time after that day in the park. When I saw her, it was at the gym and she was running the treadmill again. I was with Scott when I saw her. He didn’t need as much direction now as he did in the beginning. I was there more for encouragement than as an instructor.

I stared at her as she ran, her beautiful body glistening like dew on the morning grass.

“Yo, Nick, are you there?” Scott back-handed me in the chest.

Startled, I looked at him, and said, “What?”

“I asked you a question, but you seem a million miles away. You ok?”

“Yeah, sorry. I guess I was just daydreaming.”

“I just wanted to know if I was doing this right.”

He showed me the exercise, and I nodded my head. “Yeah, you’re doing it right.” I glanced over at her again, and this time Scott followed my gaze to her.

“My, she is hot,” he said in a sarcastic tone, then smiled and winked at me when I looked at him, my brows knitted together.

I didn’t bother dignifying him with an answer. Scott was a nice guy, but his sarcastic comment kind of irked me. Yeah, she is hot! You’d be blind not to see that!

Then earlier today, Sean caught me closing my office door. “You coming out tonight?”

I sighed when I saw him. “Yeah, I’ll come. But, only because it’s Matt’s birthday. I just can’t get into this bar scene.”

“You never want to go out and have fun anymore. You’ve turned into a hermit. You’re too young to stay inside.”

I shrugged my shoulders. Maybe he was right. Maybe I should be more like him and the other guys. Maybe I should be into the scantily clad women, and the women who can’t add 2+2. Maybe I should have one night stands like him, and give out fake phone numbers.

But, here I am, and for once, I’m actually glad that I came out to the bar tonight. The woman at the bar turned her head slightly, and she laughed. It was her! I was sure of it!

My very being was drawn to her. I caught every movement she made, loving the way she looked. I stared at her for awhile, until I could muster up my courage to go over to her.

She sat there, her drink in front of her, watching her friends out on the dance floor. Occasionally one of them would try to entice her to come out on to the dance floor with them, but she wouldn’t budge off her stool. She’d smile, and say, “No!” to them.

A very drunk guy stumbled up beside her, barely making it to the bar stool. He said something to her, but she turned her back to him. He sat there for a few minutes, looking like he was going to be sick, then he got up and left. He’d obviously had a few wobbly-pops before he got here. The night was still young.

Sean pointed at a bunch of girls that were looking in our direction. “How about those girls? They look nice.”

I nodded to him, but although I saw the girls, I wasn’t really looking at them. They were pretty, but that’s all. They definitely weren’t her.

“Come with me. Lets go talk to them,” he urged, pulling at me to follow him.

I went with him, but instead of stopping at the girls Sean was talking about, I went to the one woman that did matter. When he saw that I hadn’t stopped, he grabbed my arm. “Hey, come on, Nick! These girls are hotties!”

“Great. Go to them! You can have all of them. I’m going over here.” I pointed towards the bar. He had his sights on bimbos and hotties, but I wasn’t sure who he was looking at, because the only hottie in the bar is sitting at the bar.

She had her back turned to me, so I nudged her arm. She turned towards me. She had a bored look on her face, one that said she didn’t really want to be there. I couldn’t have agreed more.

But, even though I was trying to be nonchalant, I’m sure the look of excitement showed on my face. “Hi,” I said.

She smiled in recognition. She pointed, and said, “You’re the guy from the gym, right?”

“Yeah. My name’s Nick. Nick Thompson.” I held out my hand to her.

She took my hand in hers, and said, “Sandy Newton.”

There’s always that awkward moment when you first meet someone, especially when it’s someone that you really like, and sometimes the words just don’t come out right, or you can’t think of anything to say at all. She looked at me, and I looked at her, but the words just never came. We just smiled pathetically at each other.

“Can I buy you another drink?”

She softened her eyes and shook her head, looking at her almost empty glass. “I’m driving tonight.”

I turned to the bartender. “Two diet colas, please.”

When I handed her one, I said, “Me, too.”

She smiled, and accepted the cola. She took a sip, then leaned in towards me. I put my head down so I could hear what she had to say better. Her sweet perfume caught me right away. It swam into my nose like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

“You’re the first guy tonight that hasn’t used some corny pick-up line on me.” Her smile was beautiful, and I couldn’t help but bathe in her beauty. She continued, “One guy said to me, “Is that windex in your pants, ‘cause I can see myself in them!” She made a face.

I laughed, and told her that I don’t use pick-up lines, but that some of my friends do. They often get slapped for saying stupid things like that.

“Maybe if I wasn’t so nice, I would have,” she commented.

Using my head, I motioned in the direction of the dance floor. “Do you want to dance?”

She shook her head, and pointed her finger towards the dance floor. “I can’t dance to this shit. The music all sounds the same to me, and I hate that rap stuff. They seem to play it a lot here.”

“I’ll be right back,” I stated, touching her arm lightly. She held onto my drink for me as I turned to walk away. She was hard to leave, even for a minute.




4 thoughts on “Wildflower Free March 30th-April 1st At Amazon

  1. I’ve always loved Wildflower–I can’t recommend it enough!

  2. Terrific excerpt, Beth!

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