Idiot Reviews….And Then Some

While I appreciate getting reviews that are good…I know with the good must come some bad. However, some of the reviews I’ve gotten of late have been very bad…and they make the reviewer look like an idiot.

Back in February, I scheduled times for my books to be free on Amazon. The Bracelet, Remember The Eyes and Wildflower have all been free at some point. I still have a couple of days left for RTE and Wildflower, so I will be putting them up for free again.

Even with all the pathetically bad reviews The Bracelet got, it still continues to sell. All of them do. But, of course, there has to be some bad reviews in there.

It would be nice if the reviewers would hand out constructive criticism instead of taking your book and mashing it into the floor like a child having a temper tantrum. Take a look at this review below, because that’s what it sounds like to me. An adult having a temper tantrum on Amazon about something they most likely got for free.

In no way in this review was their any advice given to make it better. In no way is there a reason why the reviewer feels this way. Lame. And, it makes you (the reviewer) look like an idiot.

Here is one I just got for Wildflower. I have not changed any spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or otherwise changed this review in any way. This is the way it was presented on Amazon.

Do not bother to waste your time on this book. Its a poorly written terrible book! I could write a book of this caliber but I would burn it. I ALWAYS finish books I start and by about the 4th chapter I was ready to throw it against the wall. Not a new story line and certainly no twists in the story to make it interesting and the characters have ZERO depth to them. The main character just out of the blue has decided her spouse is cheating and this is before she goes after any evidence…..kinda like maybe she was blind and stupid and then the light bulb flickered. So she hires PI to investigate and get some really great pictures of the husband having tawdry sex with another women………and her is the killer……she was her 2 children to see these beautiful pictures…………..really???? so she does show the kids and the family is devasted. But no worries because she finds a fellow who she is interested and the get together. only problem is that she is a cougar cause the boy is her sons age. so chapter after chapter she whines and then whines some more and it just doesnt stop. and when I say the charactars have NO depth this is what I am telling you here. To me whining page after pager………seem the author does have a creative side to her and that is a must. This book reflected that because there were several different ways she could have improved and given them character AND depth. And you can probably guess the ending since I told you she lacks creativity……no big surprises, no big grand finale, they just accept the age thing and live happily ever after! oh…main charactars name is wildflower! sweet or cheesy……i am goin with, yep you guessed it,cheesy

Ok, for starters….this person bought a romance…of course the couple end up together at the end. It wouldn’t be a romance if they didn’t, now would it??? Also, the female character never whined at all. She just had a difficult time in the beginning with their age differences. No, she wasn’t a cougar…cougar’s seek out younger men. She didn’t seek out to love this younger guy…he actually sought her out.

Sandy, the female character, finds out that her husband of 25 years has been cheating on her pretty much their whole married life together…this reviewer found that unbelievable…why? Some men (and women) can hide their affairs from their spouses for their entire relationship.

Sandy shows the pictures to her children…her GROWN children, who could handle it. Younger children wouldn’t be able to. They were hurt by what their father had done. Obviously you, as the reviewer didn’t read that part.

And, the grand finale?? They were apart until almost the end of the book. It was only because of Sandy’s son that her and Nick got back together.

Really? Come on…if you’re going to review a book, at least watch your spelling, grammar (hardly any capitals in that review) and for goodness sake, finish the damn book.

By the way, yes…he called her Wildflower…if that’s cheesy, then go grab a bottle of wine to go with your whine…because you’re wasting my time and everyone elses with your lame reviews.


10 thoughts on “Idiot Reviews….And Then Some

  1. It does come across as a temper tantrum, doesn’t it? Like they’ve got an axe to grind.

    And when the reviewer is like that, and shows such poor grammar skills, it speaks a lot about their own worth as a reviewer. Not to mention that these sort of reviewers tend to only do negative reviews and for a small number of books. A genuine reviewer will have a variety of ratings and reviews.

  2. Beth Muscat says:

    Thank you, William.

  3. After almost 25 years in publishing, I’ve developed a pretty thick hide. Everyone is entitled to their viewpoint, but they should have the balls to own their comments and not hide behind “Anonymous” or some stupid alias. If they really believe what they’re saying, they should be willing to admit it.

    Constructive reviews are helpful to both potential readers and authors, but crap from people who can’t even spell or use proper grammar, etc., well…isn’t that a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    It makes me think of a certain writer who decided to do reviews, but not under her own name. I guess that’s so she can attack without retaliation.

  4. Beth Muscat says:

    This person had a dumb alias…Bookworm or something like that, instead of using their real name…and they only had two reviews posted. Mine being one of them. If this person was such a bookworm, she’d have more reviews under her alias.

    They should be able to own what they write, using their real name but, as you say, it’s so they can attack without retaliation…Nice.

  5. Glynis Smy says:

    A rant by a reader who couldn’t grasp the concept of the book, or use their imagination. That is what I saw here. If you (the reviewer), think you are more intelligent and above the author, by declaring you could write better, then at least prove it in the review!

    Jeepers, no wonder you are spitting chips, Beth!

    • Beth Muscat says:

      Thank you, Glynis. I’m not perfect…and I’m sure there are places in the book that could be improved…but, let me know what they are. And, the spelling/grammar issue…I may not be perfect in the area of grammar, but I do know how to spell…this review was so lame.

      Thank you for making me feel better!

      • Glynis Smy says:

        I launch my debut novel soon, and have been told to grow a tough skin. I am prepared to do that, but not for idiots. Those I will add to the tacky stuff at the bottom of my shoe! 🙂

        I agree, if the reader has issues, contact the author or walk away. Simple. Let other readers make up their own mind.

  6. Beth Muscat says:

    This is what my friend Mike said….

    “Morons will believe the review which is good, you don’t need any more of them reviewing your stuff. Reasonable people will laugh at the review.”

  7. The Desert Rocks says:

    This kind of stuff just makes me want to read your book even more. In fact, it makes me love your book without reading it.

  8. Beth Muscat says:

    Thank you, Evie…you’re the best!!

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