All Three Free Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday

I’ve given books away before, but this time I thought I would do something different. I usually just give one book away at a time…this time though, you can get the whole trilogy for the grand total of—FREE!!

The first in this paranormal romance trilogy is Remember The Eyes. Here is the back cover blurb.

Eighteen year old Riley Abbott is about to meet the man from her past life dreams.

Riley has been having some weird dreams lately. But, that’s nothing new. Riley already has some pretty weird traits—telekinesis, astral travel and mind-reading abilities, to name a few. But, her dreams are so real to her, that her hands ache in the morning from pushing the heavy fruit cart down the path to the marketplace in her dreams. She even feels the kisses of the man that’s in her dreams.

Riley discovers that the dreams she is experiencing are past life dreams. She begins to believe this when she goes to University, and she meets Michael, a guy that when she looks into his eyes, she sees the man from her dreams, and she knows they have to be together. As their young love blooms, her dreams reveal to her that Michael could be in danger.

When another mind-reader, Brenda, won’t leave him alone, and threatens the lives of both Riley and Michael, Riley vows to do anything to keep him alive.


The second book in the series is called Nothing Without You. It is the continuing love story between Riley and Michael.

Riley surprises Michael with a trip back to England for Christmas so he can see his parents again. For Christmas, Michael gives her a ring that matches the brilliant blue of her eyes. He knows now that he can’t live without her.

When they return back to Canada, they find her dorm room has been ransacked. Her friends tell them that someone was around looking for her, but they didn’t know who it was. While Michael calls the police, Riley runs to the security guards office to find out if anyone was let in her room, but she never makes it.

Kidnapped by Brenda, Riley is taken to an abandoned warehouse where she is tortured by an evil doctor who wants her for her amazing special abilities. While held against her will, both Riley and Michael discover that she’s not the only one with special abilities.


And lastly, the third book, Infinite.

On their 25th wedding anniversary, Riley and Michael celebrate their infinite love by renewing their wedding vows. They prove that their love is everlasting and will stand the hands of time.

But Riley is holding onto a secret that could very well kill her. A secret that she’s even afraid of telling her family about. While a friend of the family needs Riley’s mom and Michael and Riley’s daughter, Clara, is pregnan, Riley doesn’t want her family to know that her own health is failing.

When it looks like the end is near for Riley, someone special and unexpected comes along to heal her.




Debut Romantic Comedy Novel, “Bad Day” By Devon Cooper Free!

Bent River Books is proud to announce the debut novel by Devon Cooper, a romantic comedy called, Bad Day.

Devon tells me that her novel will be free on Friday May 11 until Saturday May 13 for all readers at Amazon.

Here is a link to the book at Amazon, and Devon has provided Bent River Books blog with a short excerpt from the book.

Congratulations again, Devon, on your debut novel, Bad Day. I hope it becomes a bestseller!!


As soon as I realized that my keys and cell phone were sitting in the cup holder in the console, I tried the door, wondering against all odds that I might have forgotten to lock the doors. That’s when the stupid car alarm went off.

“Oh, for crap’s sake! What else could go wrong today?” I tried the driver’s door one last time, thentried the back door. It was no use. My only means of getting home or contacting someone to take me home, were sitting in the cup holder.

I checked my watch and realized that I only had ten minutes before my presentation was slated to begin. I really wanted the position and the recognition that went along with it. It was all I lived, breathed and wanted for the past four years since I started here. It was all I ever really dreamed about. My social life was nearly non-existent because of it, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to be at the top.

I ran towards the elevator that would take me to the bottom of the parking garage. I wondered if maybe taking the stairs might actually be quicker.

I didn’t have time to calculate the amount of time the elevator usually took and the amount of time that I had left. Instead of pushing the down button, I used my hip and elbow to open the door to the stairs. It slammed against the wall with a bang as I took the stairs running.

With the heavy load that I was carrying, and the fact that I was in heels, it was extremely difficult navigating the stairs with any precision. At any moment, with the way my morning was going, I half expected to do a header down the stairs, resulting in broken bones or loss of life. Internal bleeding at the very least.

When I body slammed against the door, my heel caught in the grate just outside. I knew that the grate was there, and I had often complained about it to deafened ears of management, but it was the furthest thing from my mind right now. I forgot about it this morning. I ran out the door, my heel snapping off in the grate, then plopped to the bottom with a plink as it hit a puddle of water.

I looked at the grate momentarily with disgust, knowing that I didn’t have time for this sort of thing. I juggled my presentation, my briefcase and my computer bag, adjusting them in my arms. I hopped on one foot as I took off the broken shoe, then took off the other, throwing them into a corner of the garage.

I ran as fast as I could in my bare feet towards the front entrance. I checked my watch for the time. I realized with dismay that I had just under eight minutes to get to the sixtieth floor. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.

Contemporary Romance, “Wildflower”, Is Free Wednesday And Thursday May 9th and 10th

Well, my 90 days is almost up, and I have two days remaining for Wildflower to be free. So, Wednesday May 9th and Thursday May 10th are the days. If you haven’t gotten your free copy, you can now.

Will I be doing the free offer again?

You bet!!!

Here is a link and a short excerpt.

I slept in Nick’s tux shirt, and I think I slept the best I’d slept in a few days. He’d called me before he went to bed, wondering what I had on. I told him that I still had his shirt on but that I was about to get ready for bed, so I would be taking it off soon.

“No, keep it on, Wildflower. Sleep in it. I want to dream about you sleeping in my shirt.”

I could feel the heat rising in my face. “Oh, Nick. You’re silly.”

“You keep the shirt on and then I can see you in my dreams. You’ll be laying there sweetly and in the morning, it will be askew.” He paused, then added, “This morning when I saw you sitting out on the patio, at just the right angle, I could almost see your left breast.”

I suddenly felt exposed and embarrassed. I pulled the shirt collars around me, hiding myself.

“Nick, you’re embarrassing me.”

He laughed. “Why? You looked beautiful this morning.”

“You didn’t tell me that you could see me.”

“Of course I’m not going to tell you that! I wanted you to take the whole thing off!”

I got in under the covers, wearing the shirt like he requested. I looked over to the pillow that his beautiful head had occupied just the night before. I could almost see him smiling over at me.

“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow,” I stated.

“Me too, Wildflower. Me, too.”

In the morning, I awoke to the sun shining in on the bed like it had yesterday at Nick’s place. As if he could see into the future, Nick’s prediction was right. His shirt was askew, revealing me to the world. If he had been there, I knew what he would do and that made me smile.