Contemporary Romance, “Wildflower”, Is Free Wednesday And Thursday May 9th and 10th

Well, my 90 days is almost up, and I have two days remaining for Wildflower to be free. So, Wednesday May 9th and Thursday May 10th are the days. If you haven’t gotten your free copy, you can now.

Will I be doing the free offer again?

You bet!!!

Here is a link and a short excerpt.

I slept in Nick’s tux shirt, and I think I slept the best I’d slept in a few days. He’d called me before he went to bed, wondering what I had on. I told him that I still had his shirt on but that I was about to get ready for bed, so I would be taking it off soon.

“No, keep it on, Wildflower. Sleep in it. I want to dream about you sleeping in my shirt.”

I could feel the heat rising in my face. “Oh, Nick. You’re silly.”

“You keep the shirt on and then I can see you in my dreams. You’ll be laying there sweetly and in the morning, it will be askew.” He paused, then added, “This morning when I saw you sitting out on the patio, at just the right angle, I could almost see your left breast.”

I suddenly felt exposed and embarrassed. I pulled the shirt collars around me, hiding myself.

“Nick, you’re embarrassing me.”

He laughed. “Why? You looked beautiful this morning.”

“You didn’t tell me that you could see me.”

“Of course I’m not going to tell you that! I wanted you to take the whole thing off!”

I got in under the covers, wearing the shirt like he requested. I looked over to the pillow that his beautiful head had occupied just the night before. I could almost see him smiling over at me.

“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow,” I stated.

“Me too, Wildflower. Me, too.”

In the morning, I awoke to the sun shining in on the bed like it had yesterday at Nick’s place. As if he could see into the future, Nick’s prediction was right. His shirt was askew, revealing me to the world. If he had been there, I knew what he would do and that made me smile.



2 thoughts on “Contemporary Romance, “Wildflower”, Is Free Wednesday And Thursday May 9th and 10th

  1. It’s a terrific excerpt, Beth!

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